Tidewater Logo Design

Tidewater Marketing Material

The Challenge

Tidewater needing a branding message that could be carried throughout many facets of their business, from their website to print material to shirt embroidery.  It needed to be strong and impactful while immediately showing what they offer for their future customers. They also needed fresh print marketing material and a website redesign after changing product names and adding additional products to their line up.


The Solution

Lightning Tree Creative Media designed Tidewater’s branding package including logo. We designed a fresh new website that showcased their products and services clearly and thoughtfully.  We built this website with their consumer in mind and kept the site responsive meaning it was not only beautiful but easily navigated on desktop, tablet and mobile devices alike. LTCM also worked with them to design several print and electronic marketing pieces that conveyed their products and solutions for the boating industry.

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