BMW Motorcycle Club
of Colorado

BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado Website Design

The Challenge

The BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado has been steadily growing it’s member base over the past several years.  During that time it became clear that they had outgrown their old website. Their site was not serving the club as it could. It had a ton of content, and yet was unorganized and lacked the ability to pull in the visitor to learn about the club, become a member and sign up for club events.


The Solution

Lightning Tree Creative Media was hired to do a complete redesign of the BMWMCC website.  It was decided that WordPress would be the best platform for organizing the existing content, while leaving room for future updates. LTCM designed a new site for the club while incorporating the current club’s brand. Informational hierarchy was important to the client so LTCM spent much time planning and executing an efficient menu panel that organized the content and was easily navigated by visitors.  BMWMCC also desired way to automate their club membership sign up process.  LTCM implemented a membership management platform on the backend of the site that included a smooth payment solution, username/password selection process, automatic member renewals and specified special “members only” content.

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